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6 things to do as a couple in the Algarve.

When you go to the Algarve as a couple, there are lots of things to do to make your holiday together a memorable experience. We have put together a list of things that we think would help guide you through your holiday together in a very exciting way!

Rent a kayak  and go through the caves along the coast of Lagos. Lagos is a bit over 1 hour drive from DDBC but will be well worth the drive when you see the lovely beaches and fun activities there. Sea Kayaking is an experience that can be very relaxing as you can stop and snorkel around peacefully. If you prefer to make it more extreme you can climb the rocks and jump from several different heights. The guided tours will usually take around 3 hours.

Beach Romance 
The Algarve is very well known for its beaches and another recommendation that we would give to any couple wanting a relaxed afternoon, is going down to the beach a couple of hours before sunset! If it’s summer and warm enough, bring a bit of food and a bottle of wine and just sit and watch the waves as the sun goes down. It is so peaceful and most people have left the beach by then so it will almost be completely private. If you are there in the winter time then we would suggest taking a nice stroll into the sunset. There are many beaches that are great for this, including our very own beach in front of the resort.

Another great activity is to go to Zoomarine and swim with dolphins! You will have to book this around a month in advance as it is really popular, but definitely worth the pre planning. Zoomarine is based in Albufeira, which is around a 40min drive from the resort.

When you are on holiday as a couple, it is always nice to do some fun, slightly childish things on your trip as well, therefore we suggest you go to Aquashow.  Aquashow is a water park with slides and rides to suit everyone. There is even a lazy river where you simply sit in a rubber ring and go around with the current of the 250m long river. The park is based in Quarteira and is only a 15min drive from the resort.

If you want to see a bit more of Portugal and don’t mind travelling a bit, Palacio de Pena  is most definitely worth a visit! It is absolutely stunning! The palace is located in Sintra, which is west of Lisbon meaning that you could take the train/drive/fly there and then take a coach up to the Palace (it is also possible to walk up but most people only walk down as its quite tiring). Sintra Park has several other things that would be worth looking at as it is a very large park. We recommend getting there early and wear comfortable shoes!

Another exiting thing to do in the Algarve when you are on holiday with your other half is going to Parque Aventura.  Parque Aventura is an outdoor adventure park based in Albufeira, which is a 40min drive from DDBC. The activities you can do there, include zip lines, skateboarding, rope bridges and ascenders. This is an outdoor activity and wearing sporty clothes and trainers is recommended! If you go in the summer going early or in the afternoon would be best as it may be too hot otherwise.

We hope you have enjoyed our suggestions for couples in the Algarve. We have tried to put together a list that would suit most people and that isn't just about lying down on a beach, however if you prefer the more calm holidays you can of course skip the more extreme suggestions and just relax by the pool or in a Jacuzzi with a cocktail in hand. Please let us know what you think and whether there are more things you feel should have been added to this list.

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