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10 Reasons why Dunas Douradas Beach Club is the perfect family resort:

There are several great reasons as to why the Algarve is one of the best places to go for a family holiday. We've put together some of the features of our resort that make it the ideal place for families with children of all ages. 
  1. We have a fantastic Kids Club that will make sure that the youngest ones are perfectly happy if you want a bit of alone time, or just simply want to spend some quality time with your teens. 
  2. We have a restaurant in the club house that is perfect for all ages. We are very child friendly in the resort; you won’t have to deal with people getting angry with you if your children are misbehaving. In high seasons we also offer a complimentary kids area by the restaurant with movies and drawing equipment. This is a supervised area, so you can eat without running around after your children.
  3. The resorted is gated and has security, so there’s nothing to worry about with regards to your children’s safety.
  4. We have 4 pools; one shallow kid’s pool, two outdoor larger pools with different depths and one deep indoor pool which is heated. The pools are supervised by lifeguards.
  5. We’re only 50m from the beach, with card access back to the resort, that if some of the family prefer not to visit then it’s easy to get between the two.
  6. We have a gym and spa for those who want to treat themselves and keep fit during their stay. This is all in the clubhouse, so you've no need to travel far at all.
  7. We have babysitters that can be called if you would like to go out on the town, or just want to have a few drinks down at the bar. 
  8. We offer swimming lessons for those children who want to learn properly by a trained professional. 
  9. Our apartments and villas ensure that you can have your whole family in one place rather than having to have different hotel rooms. 
  10. We have a large grass lawn that gives your children plenty or space to run around, kicking a ball or playing games.

We hope these 10 reasons encourage you to stay with us as a family. If you have any more questions, please have a look on our website, call the reception: +351 289 351 300 or simply type your questions here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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