sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008

Mexican Night, a great success !!!

Olè, señores !!

"Viva el Mexico !!!"

...Una Coronita por favor y dos margaritas...

With the weather challenging the Dunas staff for a raining evening, the Mexican night last thursday happened to be a great success.

All the staff at Dunas Douradas Beach Club put their best dedication for the preparations, the food was excellent, the best margaritas and an evening of entertainment for everyone, together, the musician Pedro Mariani and the Bartender Mr. Próspero took the crowd on fire with their jokes, great songs and bartending performances , one of the higgests moments of the night was the live performance of one of our young guests, singing a Robbie Williams song.

Was great to hear the comments the day after, from the guests, talking about the great evening they had the night before.

Alot more surprises are about to come here at Dunas Douradas Beach Club .Also very shortly we will have the videos available for you to review your best holiday moments here at Dunas Douradas Beach Club.

The Dunas Blog Team

Flávio próspero & João Dias

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