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10 reasons why Dunas Douradas Beach Club is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding

There are many places that are very good to celebrate your special day, but here are our top 10 reasons why the Beach Club could be the perfect match for you and your guests.

1. We have space enough for up to 140 guests and they all have the opportunity to stay in the same resort during your celebration.

2. The restaurant where you could have your special meal has a great outdoor space, but also plenty of space inside. This includes space to make a dance floor for your live band and DJ, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to enjoy a nice dance with your friends and family.

3. The resort will be transformed into your own private cocktail bar and restaurant for the day/evening!

4. We have a beautiful green lawn where you can have your ceremony, with a beautiful view of the sea in the background.

5. We are right next to the beach, meaning that you do not have to travel anywhere to get those perfect beach shots.

6. Our master chef is ready to prepare a menu to suit any taste, so no need to feel as if you have to go for a certain menu, you decide what you would like to eat!

7. We have a special spa package for the couple to enjoy (this can be enjoyed before or after the wedding day).

8. We can arrange the cake, the flowers, make-up, hair, photographer, music, transportation and even your dress; nothing will be left to chance when you have your wedding party at the Beach Club!

9. We host several weddings a year, meaning that after 5 years of the resort being open, our team has gained a lot of experience in ensuring that your day is as flawless as possible.

10. At the end of the day, when the newlyweds want to retire from the party, they have a very short walk to get back to their lovely romantic apartment or villa where we can provide a fridge filled with all the luxuries that you may desire on your first evening as a married couple.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading and seeing some of the best things about celebrating your wedding day with us! If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the reception on:  +351 289 351 300 and ask to speak with someone about organising your dream wedding.

Here are some pictures from a couple of our previous weddings that we have hosted here: http://www.ddbc.pt/our-photo-galleries/wedding-gallery/

If you have any photos from your wedding day spent here at the resort that you would like to share with us, we would love to see them! Please do not hesitate to send this to us on our Facebook page!

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Holidays disse...

Very nice article and your photographs, i like very much.

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Dunas Douradas Beach Club disse...

Thank you very much, all the photos are from weddings at the resort :) Glad you liked it!